Hiligaynon – Revolution 2014 • Peter Solis Nery
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The third millennium. Twenty first century. The Age of Internet and Information Super Highways. The world has clearly gone global, and the Ilonggo race is riding on the tsunami tides of change just fine.

Native speakers of Hiligaynon have conquered the world, as we know it. They are in Alaska, Australia, Shikoku, Lithuania, Mozambique, NASA, Zimbabwe, the Vatican, the North Pole, even in space [this one needs to be verified!], but definitely yes, they are in cyberspace.


What is the Hiligaynon Revolution of 2014?


It is a call for a new system in the Hiligaynon language advocated by Peter Solis Nery to advance Hiligaynon for the third millennium and the 21st century, and to accommodate the demands of the globally aware generation. I published my manifesto on “The Hiligaynon for the New Millennium and the Globally Aware Generation” over the Internet on June 12, 2014.


What changes do...

What triggered your Hiligaynon Revolution of 2014?


Basically just my desire to produce the work of others in Hiligaynon. On the first year of my Foundation, I helped propagate the language by giving an incentive for others to write in Hiligaynon. My Peter’s Prize contests generated a huge literary output from other writers. So my next logical step was to preserve what was collected. Since I am a one-man production company, I had to edit the works for publication....