Press Year • Peter Solis Nery
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PETER SOLIS NERY wins his fourth Palanca award for Hiligaynon short story this year with the historical revisionist story “Candido” based on the Katipunan revolutionary Candido Iban who was one of the 19 martyrs of Aklan.

Nery’s previous Palanca honors include last year’s second place for the psychological puzzler “Ang Kapid” (“The Twins”), 1998’s first prize for the magic surrealism story of the deaf-mute “Lirio,” and 2000’s third prize for the science fiction “Ang...

LOS ANGELES – SOMETHING original and exciting is underway. V Entertainment Group concocts an unusual show that will make you laugh out loud, and will keep you thinking after you leave The Pinoy Dreamgays.

This musical is an ensemble of performers who all came from live acts in lounges and bars. They are very interactive to the audience as they are very vocal and upfront. Their jokes are unique, and they have their own brand of humor, sometimes they are rated parental guidance...