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Winner, 2017 Palanca Awards

Hiligaynon Short Story

by Peter Solis Nery


Bangud vacacion, nag-upud ako kay Jeffrey sang nagpauli sia sa iya familia sa Dumangas. Mainabiabihun ako nga ginbatun sang iya mga ginikanan kag mga himata. Ang ila kinagot, si Jessie, lima ka tuig kag menopausal baby, madali nga nag-amag sa akon kag masami nga nagpakungkung. Si Nanay Linda, “Nak” ang tawag sa akon, pinalip-ut nga “Anak.” Kag si Tay Carding,...


The Peter Solis Nery Foundation announced this year’s two categories for the annual Peter’s Prize. They are for Painting, and Poetry, inspired by the 1998 Palanca award-winning Hiligaynon story “Lirio”.

Acclaimed Ilonggo writer and filmmaker Peter Solis Nery, author of both “Lirio” and the Peter’s Prize, made available on his website,, the English translation and Hiligaynon original of his first...



The 1st Prize Palanca Award-winning Hiligaynon Story by Peter Solis Nery.

English translation by Prof. Celia F. Parcon.



According to Lola Pansay the midwife, all the butterflies went wild when Nanay Rosa gave birth to Lirio, the Mute. The old woman could never forget that birth, a curious event. That was the only time she had ever seen a large gathering of butterflies. In her estimation, all the butterflies...

Panay News (news story)
Tuesday, May 9, 2017

MAKATI City — For his Creative Writing textbook for Senior High School, multi-awarded Ilonggo writer and Panay News columnist Peter Solis Nery was given this year’s Editors’ Choice Award by the University Press of First Asia (UPFA) on Friday, May 5.

Chosen for the award by the UPFA Production team for its “nearly flawless and perfect material in terms of grammar, language development, and paragraph transition...

An interview by Angel Marie B. Mondia
The Daily Guardian
May 19, 2017

Despite poverty and insecurity, Peter Solis Nery has proven that he is far greater than his obstacles. He is now a famous Ilonggo writer whose biggest achievement is his induction to the Palanca Awards Hall of Fame.

“Growing up poor, despite being children, I’m the oldest of five, of two public school teachers, no grandparents, aunties/uncles figures, we were like transplants in the town, although...


One-Act Play in English

Palanca Award 2016, 1st Prize Winner



A one-act play



playwright Noel Tacutin

jenny, actress playing a teacher

stan, actor playing Jenny’s husband

miggy, actor playing Jenny’s kid brother


Dear Zach—Did you realize, at all, how insanely I fell in love with you? I fell hard, really hard; head over heels. And I suffered for it—bumps, aches, longing, torment, tears, ripped heart, and bruises. But it’s not your fault. I told you, it’s not even your business. If I love you, it is all my concern and responsibility; you didn’t even have to know. I can say that this is all my fault, but it is hard for me to see my feelings for you as a defect or imperfection, or an aberration....


Hello, world! Welcome to my website. Please feel free to explore each tab, hover around words, and click on everything you can click on. Discover things ABOUT me—read my “official” BIOGRAPHY, or what the PRESS and publications say (I...

Excerpts from “The Icon in Magenta,” the June 13, 2014 Brash, Brazen & Brilliant column of Peter Solis Nery in Iloilo Metropolitan Times.


What color is the logo?

Magenta. An action color, magenta stands to mean creative, engaging, and inspirational. I know that I have a magenta aura because I am free-spirited, creative, and fun loving. I prefer an alternative lifestyle, I am clearly an artist, and I am always...