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One-Act Play in English

Palanca Award 2016, 1st Prize Winner



A one-act play



playwright Noel Tacutin

jenny, actress playing a teacher

stan, actor playing Jenny’s husband

miggy, actor playing Jenny’s kid brother


Dear Zach—Did you realize, at all, how insanely I fell in love with you? I fell hard, really hard; head over heels. And I suffered for it—bumps, aches, longing, torment, tears, ripped heart, and bruises. But it’s not your fault. I told you, it’s not even your business. If I love you, it is all my concern and responsibility; you didn’t even have to know. I can say that this is all my fault, but it is hard for me to see my feelings for you as a defect or imperfection, or an aberration....


Hello, world! Welcome to my website. Please feel free to explore each tab, hover around words, and click on everything you can click on. Discover things ABOUT me—read my “official” BIOGRAPHY, or what the PRESS and publications say (I...

Excerpts from “The Icon in Magenta,” the June 13, 2014 Brash, Brazen & Brilliant column of Peter Solis Nery in Iloilo Metropolitan Times.


What color is the logo?

Magenta. An action color, magenta stands to mean creative, engaging, and inspirational. I know that I have a magenta aura because I am free-spirited, creative, and fun loving. I prefer an alternative lifestyle, I am clearly an artist, and I am always...