A Loneliness Greater than Love


ISBN 971-92146-0-0

DreamWings Publishing: Iloilo, 2000


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How to Make a Peace Offering * How to Honor the Muse though He May Be Male * How to Deny Authorship of a Book * How to Be a Poet in Times of Tragedy * How to Choose a Lifestyle that Raises Eyebrows * How to Win a Dog Show Competition * How to Flirt without Being Obvious * How to Survive Waiting for the Season of Strawberries * How to Professionally Manage a Heartbreak * How to Love He Who Hates You * How to Claim a Resurrection * How to Be a Stranger and Still Enjoy It * How to Direct Traffic without Breaking Your Heart * How to Babysit Your Boyfriend’s Son * How to Fly like You Were Born with Wings * How to Find Meaning in a Foreign Language Class * How to Kiss a Frog Prince without Flinching * How to Point Out Red to a Colorblind * How to Date a Moron Four Times and Still Not Fall in Love * How to Deal with Non-seconds Materials * How to Rehearse a Blue Christmas in October * How to Be a Trapeze Artist in a Tightrope Society * How to Apply Chemistry in Our Daily Lives * How to Remember the Taste of Strawberries * How to Win the Approval of Your As-if In-laws * How to Concoct a Thousand-years Love-spell * How to Salvage a Potentially Emotionally Catastrophic Afternoon * How to Render Words Useless * How to Calculate the Square Root of a Kiss * How to Wake Up with a Dead Fish