Death in Dumangas

About Peter Solis Nery’s “Dabadaba,” I am reminded of Thomas Mann’s “Death in Venice” novella. This film might as well be “Death in Dumangas.”

Mimesis aside, I was expecting some scorching love scenes since I would like to think that the title “Dabadaba” requires them, but I know Mr. Nery might have been pressed for time in further exploring the romantic (or even sexual, at that) relationships between Graydon and that beautiful boy; between that beautiful boy and his girl; and between that girl and macho Rigor, most probably to further articulate, and perhaps intensify, the motives behind the murder.

It is a very good and interesting start, but I’m very sure Mr. Nery has plans to expand, and extend, the reach of the film’s narrative in the future.

Brief as it is, it gives us a glimpse of both local color and aspects of the universal – the duality of the bucolic and the grotesque.

As another trailblazer, my kudos to Mr. Nery, and his cast including of course, Randy Graydon.

More to expect from Mr. Nery soon, for I know that as an artist, Mr. Nery’s passion for, and commitment to Art in all its genres – be it poetry, theater, and now, cinema/film – is unceasing.

Ars longa vita brevis.


© Felino S. Garcia, Jr. & Panay News Sunday: October 31, 2010