Fireflies for a Yuppie


ISBN 971-8967-75-3

Giraffe Books: Quezon City, 1998


[from the Preface]


This was an easy collection to write. All I needed was a full moon, some stars, the arias of Maria Callas, some flute and violin music, a pair of silk pajamas, and Kabuki make-up to complete my impertinent impersonation of a lover promised with a night of moonshine and kisses.


[from the Backcover]


There is something beautiful in the exquisite tears of young love, and the heart-rending loneliness of the forbidden affair.

I don’t know why I’m writing down these dreams and messages from the moon, and the fireflies of many years ago.

But somebody said that love is like a mysterious dream. Can it be that I’ve fallen in love?