First Few Notes of a Green Symphony


ISBN 971-8967-06-0

Giraffe Books: Quezon City, 1994


[from the Dedication]


Sunsets are never green. Except with Takashi. He is the best friend I have in the world. He made me believe in magic, music, and poetry. He made me feel the moon rising in my body, and the grasses growing on my skin. He made me see oxygen-fire, and hear the laughter of the stars. He is the Little Prince, in green.

With Takashi, I became aware of forces, attractions, and allurements. And of my potentialities, my capabilities, my being. He believed in me, and my dreams, and in what I could be. Alone, I am but a note. With him, I am a symphony. Together we create sparks; we ignite each other. And we celebrate a special bonding that makes us one with the universe.

And so, for that magical evening of the green sunset, and the birth of my green consciousness, I dedicate this book to Takashi Kasahara, my green Little Prince.