Peter Solis Nery presents “Dabadaba,” a five-minuter film shot in his hometown, Dumangas, Iloilo.

“Dabadaba,” which means flame in the Hiligaynon, tells of different human needs – flaming desires that are all interlinked to the four people in the story: One seeks for acceptance; another, for security; the third, personal satisfaction; and the fourth, only to be loved in return.

They undertake different circumstances to fulfill those needs so they can finally find what they have been looking for. The question is: If you were in their shoes, what would you do in exchange for something you really want? How willing are you to undertake the challenges to get the prize?

Not all gays are accepted, even in other countries. So, Graydon journeys to many different places in search of love, to fulfill his personal desires. He finds it with Jay, in his visit to the Philippines.

If a man doesn’t feel that he is important to a woman, he diverts his attention until he finds someone who makes him feel that he is important, that he is accepted. Graydon was the answer to Jay’s silent wishes.

If a woman is insecure of a man’s love for her, she opts to get his attention by taking out any threat that seemed to block her way. Liza was torn between jealousy, and insecurity.

And here comes another man, willing to do anything for love, even if it meant killing somebody to grant his lover’s wish. Rigor was there for Liza’s whims.

Who among them could have possibly finished their search to fulfill their needs?  Were the flames extinguished, or were they rekindled?


© Rogean Angelee Gullem& Panay News Sunday: October 31, 2010