Great reads from award-winning Ilonggo writer


HALL of Famer and 23rd Palanca awardee Peter Solis Nery unveiled four new books at a simple book launching held at Al dente Restaurant last September 4, 2012.

The books that were revealed were entitled “If the shoe fits, or the five men Imelda Marcos meets in Heaven”; “Cory, Full of Grace”, “100 Erotic Sonnets from the Hiligaynon” and the movie novelization of “Love in the Time of the Bakunawa”.

“Love at the Time of the Bakunawa” novel is the expanded form of the movie. According to Nery the original story underwent a transformation from story format to screenplay in Filipino, screenplay in English and finally screenplay in Hiligaynon. The only difference from the screenplay to the book is that the book gives the readers more access to the characters and their thoughts; something that you cannot do in a movie.

Nery decided to expand the film into a novel as he feels that the movie’s story is such a strong material and should be made available to people who want to learn more about the story. “True, Palanca entries need craft and sophistication but I am all for communication, for simple expression, that you can read and enjoy.”

“100 Erotic Sonnets in Hiligaynon” was written before his departure to the States in 2006 and was published as “100 Erotic Sonnets from Hiligaynon” about two years ago. But if one is wondering if he will publish the Hiligaynon format, Nery shared he has plans.

He also states that he is the type who will “publish on demand,” “That means no trees are cut until people would want to buy the book. So when there are orders amu lang na ko mag-print sang book.” He also added that the books also come in Kindle format.

But that’s not all, the five-time Palanca awardee revealed the launching of his own foundation named the Peter Solis Nery Foundation for Literature and the Arts.

Such a milestone may as well be considered as the highlight of Peter Solis Nery’s career.


© Karen Bernadette Vergara & The Daily Guardian: September 8, 2012