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Hello, world! Welcome to my website. Please feel free to explore each tab, hover around words, and click on everything you can click on. Discover things ABOUT me—read my “official” BIOGRAPHY, or what the PRESS and publications say (I often find myself in the news!), or how my friends PROFILE me. Learn about my art—read some of my Palanca-winning STORIES and select POEMS in HILIGAYNON, know more about my FILMS and watch the trailers. (When you access my YouTube channel, see more VIDEOS.) Do you know how many BOOKS I have written since 1993? They’re all here—scanned covers and more. How am I the Champion of Hiligaynon? Track down the development of my FOUNDATION—understand its mission, OPERATION, and LOGO; and read about its own PRESS coverage. Research the HILIGAYNON REVOLUTION OF 2014 that I started to wage, and that the Foundation continues to pursue for the advancement of the Hiligaynon language and literature. Oh, and if you need to CONTACT me, use the tab to find my email addresses and links to click on to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Don’t be shy to ‘like,’ or be afraid to comment. Be nice and thoughtful. Don’t forget to share with your friends the wonderful things you have discovered on this website. The best things in life are free, and I am at your service totally. Look again and see—even my avatar is smiling!