Homegrown Ilonggo love story hits theaters June 29-July 3

Gugma sa Panahon sang Bakunawa is a film by Ilonggo writer and director Peter Solis Nery and is also a finalist in the First Sineng Pambansa National Film Competition of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP).

Shot in an amazing six days, this film is written, produced, and directed by award-winning writer Peter Solis Nery, with glorious cinematography by OJ Baclig and fine editing by Michael Bruner.

A loveless and struggling musician comes home to Isla Pulang Pasayan to discover that the Bacunaua Festival that his grandmother “invented” may yet provide the background for finding his own success in love and career.

It stars Ilonggo singer-songwriter Eman Abatayo, upcoming model Priscilla Fontana, and the sexy Jet Alcantara in a career-defining role.


© Jeehan Fernandez: May 5, 2012