I Flew a Kite for Pepe


ISBN 971-10-0542-5

New Day Publishers: Quezon City, 1993


[from the Preface]


If you think this is all poetry, you are wrong. I would rather that you don’t call this poetry at all, but simply believe. For this is the truth: these are the sacred stories of the poor bruised victims of adult carelessness.

I have suffered a terrible pain in translating into words the children’s tears of agony and loneliness. But I persevered because somebody has to give voice to their muffled cries. Somebody has to fly a kite.

My only wish is that this book be read with reverence and respect for the little ones whose experiences are as real and precious – though often overlooked – as God.

And I pray, dear reader, that as you experience our children’s woundedness and brokenness, your heart may be filled with love and compassion, with dream and energy, with wisdom and grace, so that you may see and know what you can do, and you may do it courageously and unreservedly.