Kakunyag: Erotic Sonnets in Hiligaynon


ISBN 1-481-01687-3

CreateSpace: U.S.A., 2012


[from the Backcover]


Kakunyag: Isa ka Gatus nga Sonetos Eroticos (Thrills: One Hundred Erotic Sonnets) is a masterpiece, a landmark poetry volume in the Hiligaynon literature of the Philippines, not only in its ribald theme and outright sexuality in the otherwise dainty language, but especially in its wanton and orgiastic celebration of the male and female body in all their glorious erotic variety. The sexually-charged poems throb, quiver, and thrill with an almost palpable pansexual lust.

Peter Solis Nery, the multi-awarded Filipino poet, fictionist, playwright, and Iloilo’s premier agent provocateur, rises to the occasion as a literary poseur, and reaffirms his status as the reigning prince, if not king, of Hiligaynon poetry.