October Daisy Award Winner

Congratulations to our newest Daisy Award winner, Peter Solis Nery, RN (4North – Ortho/Med-Surg).

Peter, who received the Daisy Award on October 8, is a graduate of White Memorial’s 2007 class of RN residents. Here are some of the comments that the patients and visitors who nominated Peter provided:

“He showed interest in his job by asking frequently about the patient and giving the care needed – and more. His work and attitude were outstanding, having qualities that all nurses should have. Thank you for your outstanding, impressive work.”

“Along with his exceptional nursing skills comes a compassionate positive attitude which will delight any patient. As most nurses just do their jobs, Peter puts in much more effort and personally sees that his patient has a smile on their face. Thank you, Peter.”

“I especially admire Peter’s consideration of helping to manage a patient’s pain. This is evidently a priority for him and he is very dedicated to patients’ needs. I also enjoyed his explanations regarding medical matters.

“Peter is very proactive with medications for comfort, answered promptly for assistance to the bathroom, took time to explain procedures for meds, and demonstrated patient advocacy, education, and sensitivity. Overall, a very professional, considerate, and wonderful nurse.


© Stat: November 18, 2008