Shy Evocations of Childhood


ISBN 971-8967-67-2

Giraffe Books: Quezon City, 1997


[from the Foreword]


Aside from the magic of poetry, I also wished this book to help you kiss back to life the toes and fingers of your inner child. That’s why I’ve included my computer ikebana, which I enjoyed composing very much. Each little arrangement was meticulously laid out in an atmosphere of play, and with a prayer that your eyes may see the way a child sees. So, if you just pick up that crayon or coloring pen, you may be surprised how much fun it gives to the child-within to color the monosort flowers in this book. I decided to leave out the leaves to your creativity and imagination. I’ve cast the spell. May you have all the fun.


[from the Backcover]


What has a child that makes her irresistibly lovable? Is it his enviable innocence? Her blatant honestly? His brazen brattiness? Her precocious thoughts? His smart-alecky maneuvers?

Adult/Poet Peter Solis Nery seems to know the answer, and tells us about it through this striptease collection of “poems that came under hypnosis.”

Yes, there is so much joy in this work. And if the first ten poems (and that’s just A and B of what goes up to Z) don’t leave you gasping for breath, you are probably dead already.