The Essential Thoughts of a Purple Cat


ISBN 971-8967-31-1

Giraffe Books: Quezon City, 1996


[from A Letter to Snowflower]


Trying so hard to be accepted (and to be in when I am never really out in the first place) eats up and destroys all the creativity, and whatever courage to do good that I have deep inside me… But I won’t allow people to hold me back from achieving my life-goals of loving, and becoming the best I can be. I won’t allow anyone to put a limit on my dreaming, and passion for life. It’s one of the few remaining beautiful things humans are capable of doing. And so I love, I dream, and I do things big – always!


[from the Backcover]


Deeply interested in people, and a strong believer in the uniqueness of the individual, Nery explores the compulsive special personality type in The Essential Thoughts of a Purple Cat. But the book is not only psychology; at its heart is a confession, and a prayer for understanding and acceptance of people who are “different.” Underlying this volume is a personal philosophy that life is a mystery dance in which each one is called to participate fully in their own special unique way.