Peter Solis Nery
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so, we continue with scenes from my play-in-progress. here is what i think will be the beginning of the play. you see, i don’t write from A-Z. i usually think out the whole play before i start committing words to paper. then, i start with the key scenes that really move me. in this case, DEAR ZACH. then, i write other scenes that determine whether i should stick to my original idea, or improvise to make it better. BROKEN CONDOM is an example of a scene that was not in my original plan. but while writing the other scenes, i decided they were all so realistic, and i wanted to inject a sense of P-L-A-Y. broken condom was that scene, and i think that it made the play edgy. now, enjoy what will be the first scene. find the music on youtube, play it with the cue, and sing along. have fun!

AT RISE: All eight boxes, except Box 5, light up to reveal naked and half naked men of various shapes and sizes, colors and form, posed like models hooked to their phones and electronic devices.


Then, spotlight on PETER, a boyish 46, slim built, wearing a Renaissance costume, perhaps a red royal court doublet, paired with dance belt and white tights so that he also looks like a ballet prince. He is lying on top of the made bed texting on his iPhone.


Music cue: Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s “Wishin’...