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Hiligaynon Horror Story – entries must be very short stories about aswangs, bagat, kapre, engkanto, hurumentados, santermo, tigbaylo, aliens, or anything else that invokes fear, terror, fright, anxiety, panic, and uneasiness. The key word is horror. 300 words maximum; 3 words minimum. Stories must be at least 80% Hiligaynon, if writers want to infuse the language with other languages.

Poems about Water – entries must be a set of five poems about water, salty or fresh, and everything in between; rivers, seas, lakes, springs, waterfalls, rain, acid rain, dewdrops, sweat, other bodily fluids, and whatever water forms poets can think of. Each poem must not be more than 21 lines. Language must be 80% Hiligaynon.

Digital Photography – entries must be a set of three thematically related digital photos, 4928 pixels by 3264 pixels in size, about churches in Region VI – Western Visayas. For example, if you want to present The Jaro Cathedral, you may want to take a long shot, a medium shot, and a detail close up shot for an entry. Or you may want the...